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We exhibit a consistent BEHAVIOR that helps us maintain an 'Outcome First' attitude. Every aspect of MBS (Marketing, Branding and Sales) services offered by Zamstars is executed with an 'Intent' to measure and 'Predict the Outcome'. We believe in converting  the seemingly 'Unpredictable' to 'Predictable'. Behavior is the DNA of ZAMSTARS that drives our Zeal to Achieve More.

Outcome Driven.

We know the metrics to measure brand recall, market reach, engagement levels, behavior quotient and revenue growth. We leverage digital, non-digital and human assets that perform OUTCOME-DRIVEN activities for business growth. We collect, measure and optimize activities together with metrics to  deliver growth.

customer engagement - Our 'DNA'

what  we aspire FOR

Creativity and Courage of Conviction on their part played a large part in ANP as an organization hiring Zamstars to help do Marketing for us. The hands on work and the deep involvement from both Sivaram and Romi is instrumental in how our account runs presently. They are a co that is a hybrid between a Zany Startup and an Accomplished practitioner.Uday S. Prakash, Director – A.N. Prakash Construction
Zamstars is one of the few full service digital marketing startups that is focused on outcomes. As a startup ourselves, it is good to see them roll up their sleeves and get to deliver valueRavindra Krishnappa, CEO – CollateBox Inc & Angel Investor
Zamstars has helped us achieve our numbers faster than expected. They took ownership of our project and have delivered beyond expectations. Their complete offering in marketing, branding and sales has helped us grow and build trust with our customers in no time. We are thankful to them on the effort.Navratan Jhunjunwala, CEO – Durga Projects

Zamstars advantages

Core Features of Zamstars


Our solutions are largely data and research driven. We create a hypothesis with our clients and start collecting the information that supports the hypothesis. While “gut” is important, we start collecting evidence to support the gut.


Marketing, Branding and Sales are the most important functions in an organization. At Zamstars, we believe that businesses need an eco-system that combines these three core elements of growth. In the past these were seen in silos and as independent services.

outcome-based model supported by passionate execution

We are accountable for clients' marketing results and we hold ourselves to the fire for the outcomes we promise. We never slack off, are accessible 24/7 and deliver honest solutions. The culture and fabric of our existence lies in the success of our clients.

The Zamstars Advantage


Our 'behavior', is the growth capsule (DNA) that we offer to businesses and enterprises. From startups to large established organizations, functions such as branding, marketing or sales are managed in silos and seldom measured. We offer a holistic view of our MBS offering that manages direct outcomes of growth. For our customers we create an "Aspirational Vision" crafted by a "Thoughtful Strategy" delivered through "Passionate Execution".


We help build a sustainable competitive advantage through superior consumer insight, powerful analytics and integrative capabilities. Many organizations consider marketing to be an expense rather than an investment. We believe marketing is a very important function that can be used to fuel growth and must be considered as an investment,  and measure  their ROMI  ("Return on Marketing Investment").


At Zamstars, we know that efficient growth starts with a deep understanding of your business, your key objectives and your target customers. This understanding is then transformed into an innovative strategy and implemented for targeted results. We help build a sustainable competitive advantage through superior consumer insight, powerful analytics and integrative capability.

Aspirational VISION
Thoughtful STRATEGY
Passionate EXECUTION