A sneak peek into what’s cooking at Zamstars for Christmas

No, we aren’t talking about mouth-drooling plum cakes or the juicy grilled turkey breasts. Christmas at Zamstars is much more than this. It’s about the weeklong celebration with games, gifts, chocolates and some age-old wine.

Zammers planned the weeklong celebration with dedication, zeal and enthusiasm—a reflection of their attitude at work and managing great brands. A Christmas tree was brought and every Zammer did his/her bit to make the tree look marvelous by hanging teeny-weeny gifts on the tree, mocking snow with cotton and some giving it the artistic touch with paint brushes whenever and wherever needed.

The most popular game, Secret Santa was played and when the Zammers were told who their ‘Childs’ were, the expression on their faces were just priceless. It looked like the faces of startup entrepreneurs who have been informed that they’ve received a billion dollar in funding.

Loads of plum cakes, burgers and wine were neatly arranged on the Gridiron room table and everybody raised a toast to wish each of them, their brands and to the whole world a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and merry very happy new year 😉

P.S: Zammers are on a mission to decorate their seating area with interesting concepts. So, stay tuned and we’ll slowly reveal more!