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Marketing is more than just Leads

Every time I walk out of a client meeting, the questions are always the same. “Do I need to spend so much for marketing?”, “How.

Marketing on the Dark Side – The Role of a CXO – Is it Tactical or Forward Thinking?

I have been talking to many CXOs, mostly of growth companies, over the past few years. Most of them started a venture because they had.

#3 Privacy Wars: The force awakens

This is the third in our 3-part series on Mobile App Security. To read about the security risks posed by mobile apps do read our.

#2 APPocalypse: Xtinction of Privacy

This is the second article in the 3-part series on mobile app security. To enter the back alleys of the mobile app world do read.

#1 Civil War: Apps Vs You

This is the first of the 3-part series, “Civil War: Apps Vs You” that delves into the risks that mobile apps pose to its users.

5 digital marketing mistakes to avoid – part 1

We are usually at loggerheads over which medium to use when promoting content. Do we go with the medium most reliable? Or with the medium.

“Sales” is very much about Character…

We are all know that “sales” or selling is a talent possessed by only a few people. Often salespeople misinterpret this ability specifically to being friendly.

Don’t Like This

I was reading the story of a crop duster the other day. The self-taught aviator used his skills to spray farmers’ crops. The optimal height.

‘Behavior’ Driven Growth

‘Behaviour’, the cornerstone for growth, is the capsule that we, Zamstars, want to offer to business and enterprises. We have seen, from start-up companies to.

The Sales x Marketing Conflict

The work Marketing and Sales teams do is deeply interconnected. They need to work together to co-create value for an enterprise. As a rule, though,.