AI Chatbot, Bangalore

The story of an AI startup getting recognized

Overview was one of the early entrants in the chatbot landscape. It was one of the initial productivity bots created for the chat platform, Slack.

AceBot allows users on Teams and Slack to manage their to-dos, expenses, run polls as well as manage the lead pipeline within sales teams. Microsoft shortlisted along with 13 other startups from India as part of its accelerator program.

Problem Statement

  • Limited acceptance and apprehension towards chatbot compatibility in the industry at the time of onboarding
  • Entirely new product that required branding from the get go
  • Negligible Social media presence


An initial market research was conducted to understand the customer sentiment towards chatbot acceptance, based on which Zamstars worked with the client to rebrand their bot from Appsonchat to, named after its star product, AceBot. Zamstars designed the product identity and brand communications especially the Website UI & content keeping the initial customer sentiment in mind.

Zamstars built’s social media presence from scratch with the intent to create awareness and brand recall primarily among Slack users and to establish the feasibility of using chatbots. Since bot conversations were primarily on Twitter, Zamstars shortlisted Twitter as the primary platform supported by Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media campaigns revolved around broadcasting how a chatbot helped improve efficiency for the brand and assisting Slack users understand how to use AceBot to get productive. All brand communications were aligned with market trends and reflected the brand’s innovative, young and enterprise focused identity.

To increase the website traffic and page ranking, Zamstars planned and monitored SEO activities. Designed and implemented multiple online assets like videos, GIFS, creatives, blog series, infographics to ensure a wider reach and engagement. There was a series of targeted remarketing ads initiated with search ads to drive traffic and signups.

Zamstars have also helped the Acebot team in creating and releasing product launches as well as defining Acebot’s brand positioning and planning branding activities for US-based conferences.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Digital Marketing



Website & Collaterals

Influencer Marketing

Press Releases

Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered

  • Increased Twitter follower base by 100 times propelling Acebot into Slack’s Top 20 popular bot list
  • 25% month-on-month increase in website traffic
  • Acquired 6000 Slack teams and 50,000 users, using AceBot across companies
  • Helped get AceBot ranked as #1 ChatBot on Slack, #3 on productivity and #9 globally on’s list
  • Microsoft funded among one of the 13 companies from India for its accelerator program