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Construction Project Management Consultants, Bangalore

How we enabled a digital marketing transformation for a renowned construction project management consultancy


With over three decades in the Construction Project Management Consulting industry, ANP was one of the first companies in the country to offer Management Services for construction projects.

Today, ANP is a team of nearly 100+ qualified, dedicated, and motivated technical and non-technical personnel. The company is always on the lookout for new concepts and technologies that can fortify buildings, save time, and ensure safety at the site. The quest for excellence continues.

Problem Statement

With 30 years of rich experience in providing PMC services to marquee clients across the country, ANP crafted a vision for digital transformation that can lay the foundation for the next 30 years. As part of this digital transformation exercise, ANP wanted to conduct market research and factor the findings and insights to build a new website and lay the foundation to their digital journey by onboarding social media. The intent was to create brand awareness and establish thought leadership.


Zamstars used a 4-way approach: Research, Adapt and Analyse, and Accelerate.

Research: Extensive market research was done by talking to the 50 stakeholders of the company along with the customers. This helped gather valuable insights and establish the foundation of the transformation.

Adapt: While being the established thought leader, Zamstars facilitated Mr. Prakash to adapt to being socially savvy which enhanced the organic engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Analyze: The insights from the research done along with the inputs from the stakeholders, helped us in creating the brand’s visual identity and devising the communication strategy for the brand.

Accelerate: Promoting SCME, which is the initiative by Mr. Prakash to contribute back to the civil engineering industry and create skill-based training programs. We created a digital presence for the same to drive engagement with potential customers and students.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Market Research

Website Design and Development

Social Media Marketing

Collaterals Design

Influencer Marketing

Visual Content Production

Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered

Established a clear digital footprint for ANP that included the website, Social media platforms, and also portrayed the thought leadership of Mr. Prakash on social channels.

Conducted events and increased awareness. One such event was – WeCan 2016: where more than 200 engineers from India participated. An extensive outreach program was initiated online to promote the event and attract registrations.

Successfully managed and executed campaigns to promote SCME and ANP on social media that garnered an organic increase in engagement and followers. This in turn resulted in business enquiries and skill development initiatives.