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How we kept the player's morale high during the pandemic and connected the Bangla Tigers team with their fans.


The Bangla Tigers are one of the leading teams in the T10 cricket league that is held in Abu Dhabi every year. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was postponed and instead held in 2021 by following all safety protocols for the teams and officials.

Comprising of a good mix of international and local talent, the Tiger’s squad secured a 3rd place finish in the last edition in 2019. The squad consisted of some flamboyant players from the West Indies, a few exceptionally talented Afghanistan, Pakistan, and UAE players, and some strong players from the land of the Tigers, Bangladesh.

Problem Statement

T10 is a pretty new format in the world of cricket. This fast-paced format requires players to be at their absolute best. Considering the pandemic times, it was very difficult for the players and support staff to be in a healthy state of mind. Being confined in the bio-bubble meant the players had no access to the outside world leading to fatigue for the players.

Also, during these pandemic times when no fans were allowed in the stadium, it was important to connect with the millions of fans of the Bangla Tigers team across the globe. Players feed off the energy and the enthusiasm of their fans, so it was very important to connect the team with their fans.


You cannot win a war without going to the warzone.

With the tournament happening in Abu Dhabi and under strict safety regulations, Zamstars sent their warrior to the front to cover the whole journey of the team. Staying in the bio-bubble isn’t easy, not for the players and not for anyone, but our team made sure to sail through the tough conditions and cover the tournament for the fans all across the globe.

Zamstars team was involved with the Bangla Tigers team and management right from Day 1 by engaging them in various activities to keep their spirits high. Virtual sessions with fans, fun Q&A interactive sessions, following the team’s workout schedule closely, covering the matches from the stadium, and keeping the fans updated on the team’s journey, this all was a part of the much needed morale-boosting push given by Zamstars to the players in these pandemic times.

While keeping up with these activities and boosting Bangla Tigers team morals, Zamstars also managed to get tremendous engagement from the Bangla Tigers fans on various social platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

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