How we conceptualised and delivered a successful brand launch during the pandemic


Honeyworks LLP is a home and bathroom accessories product manufacturing company, producing first of its kind bathroom accessories made of custom-blend ceramic compounds.

Honeyworks designs each product to combine elegance, functionality and durability to offer a lifetime of customer delight. All products are designed and manufactured in India. In addition, Honeyworks is the first brand in the segment to offer anti-bacterial protection on all products.

Problem Statement

When the world went in lockdown, Honeyworks LLP wanted to establish a brand presence with their antibacterial bathroom accessories. Honeyworks LLP was a new player in the bathroom accessories industry and wanted to be known as a modern brand that encapsulated an element of contemporary style within its paradigm. The brand needed an identity that would drive brand recall starting from the logo, through packaging to the website design.


Keeping the limitations of lockdown in mind, and the natural apprehension of the masses towards consumer goods, Zamstars needed to come up with a design style that would resonate well with the consumers even during lockdown. Zamstars undertook the following activities to enable a complete and successful brand launch-

Research: Extensive market research was done by the Zamstars team to understand the customer sentiment during the ‘new normal’ and to assess the overall inclination towards bathroom accessories to shortlist the visual language for the brand.

Photoshoot: Keeping the results of the research in mind, Zamstars carried out a series of product shoots to capture the product in a manner that resonated well with the current customer and market sentiment. The entire photo shoot was done with custom prop setups and planned decors, conceptualised, organised and executed in its entirety by Zamstars.

Logo Design: Based on the research done, Zamstars came up with a logo design that captured the essence of the brand name Honeyworks within a short span of time.

Packaging Design: Zamstars undertook a thorough packaging design conceptualisation and execution based on the market research, the logo and the product shoot done previously.

Website: Zamstars also designed and developed the entire Honeyworks website, that included visuals, content and the entire development along with testing and on-page SEO optimisation from the get go. The content and visuals were based on the market research done earlier, that reflected and communicated the message of assurance and safety while establishing Honeyworks LLP as a modern brand that followed a contemporary style.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Market and Customer Research

Website Design and Development

Branding and Collaterals design

Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered

Established a clear digital footprint for Honeyworks LLP that included the website, product images, logo and also packaging design.

The fastest website development project undertaken.

Brand Identity Walkthrough

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