Durga Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Real Estate Developer, Bangalore

How Zamstars generated a revenue of USD 40 million for a relatively unknown builder in Bangalore


Durga Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based Real Estate organisation with more than a decade of experience in the construction industry.

Durga Projects was launching their flagship project, Durga Petals – The largest project the builders have ever undertaken in East Bangalore. The project was targeted towards Netizens and Professionals.

Problem Statement

Real estate builders have a key problem on pricing, based on the perception of the brand in the minds of consumers. Typically Category A builders command a premium price for the units than CAT B & CAT C builders. Durga Projects wanted to Command the price of a CAT A builder while the perception in the minds of consumers was between CAT B & CAT C.

Durga Projects wanted to onboard a partner who can position Durga Petals as a premier project and own the complete customer journey from Discovery through Closure.


For a first of its kids deal, Zamstars signed up with Durga Projects a complete Insourcing deal to own Durga Petals project.

Zamstars took a 360-degree approach with the entire Marketing, Branding and Sales Enablement that worked together with the power of execution to drive business growth for the client.

Zamsars appointed a CMO and CSO along with a 10 member team to manage the “Petals Experience Center’. Zamstars played a significant role in conceptualising and managing the 12000 sq ft Petals Experience Center.

Zamstars bought in Technology intervention in every aspect of Consumer journey, be it a CRM system, VOIP Based Telephony, Chat Bots, Online Availability and Virtual walk through.

Zamstars brought down the cost per sales to 1.8% as opposed to the industry standard of 4-5% with USD 40 Million revenue generated. Here’s the journey of how Zamstars achieved these figures:

Brand Discovery – Design & Language SetUp
Zamstars undertook an understanding of the target audience in the target location to devise a visual and content strategy that resonated with the audience. The basic logo design and communication strategy was created that would act as the pillars of the entire Marketing & Sales activation. This was the birth of Durga Petals Brand, Fostering Urban Achievers. The Location was termed the “Equator of IT Corridor”. Also as the Godess Durga, Zmstars created a Mascot that represented the Modern ‘Durga’ and emotionally connected to the Netizens.

Sales Enablement: Team Shortlisting and Mentorship Programmes
While the design and language setup was underway, Zamstars owned and managed the entire hiring cycle from client sourcing to hiring of the sales team for the client. For the shortlisted sales team of ten, Zamstars organised and conducted multiple training sessions to hone the customer interaction technique and the project pitch used by the sales team to interact with customers. Zamstars also hosted and conducted multiple employee engagement activities for the sales team. The final trained sales team was managed entirely with all outcomes owned by Zamstars.

Marketing and Sales Strategy – Conceptualization to Execution
Post the brand design, and language setup, Zamstars created a comprehensive strategy that involved both online and offline promotions with a prime focus on driving site visits using digital media. The multitude of collaterals created for Durga Petals involved Emailers, Blogs for SEO, Social Media ads and posts, newspaper ads, radio ads, newspaper inserts, brochures, website along with completely managing and executing multiple events bracketed under two divisions:

  1. Current Customer Engagement to acquire referrals
  2. Brokers/Channel Partners to acquire direct B2C sales

These collaterals were used with a targeted approach to reach out to the target audience at the apt shortlisted location.

Zamstars also conducted various events with the objective of prospective customer engagement endorsed by ‘Value’ celebrities like Padma Shri EAS Prasanna. This helped establish a loyal existing customer base while procuring a series of referrals from the existing customers themselves.

Zamstars also researched and shortlisted a series of real estate expo that the brand must be showcased at like Property Investment Expo, among others and a team, managed by Zamstars, was deployed at the event venue to organise, manage and execute the entire client requests that started from stall designs to interacting with various walk-ins to the expo to convert them into Site Visits. The sales team kept in constant touch with the expo team to ensure maximum return on efforts.

Sales Support Tools and Audio-Video Media Development
Zamstars also enabled the sales team by developing a robust CRM system for Durga Petals. A flat availability showcase product was also developed by Zamstars to aid the sales team in their engagement with the prospective customers. This product was deployed at the Experience Center and used by the sales team to interact with the customers.

Zamstars also conceptualized a chatbot with the entire conversation flow to be deployed on the website for ease of interaction from a customer point of view. Virtual walkthrough creation was also owned and undertaken by Zamstars team with a partner vendor to ensure high-quality output.

Post Sales Customer and Operations Support
Zamstars also enabled a complete 360-degree undertaking of the client requirements by owning and managing the post-sales customer engagement. An operations team was deployed at the Durga Projects office to ensure sturdy cash flow checks and verification. Record breaking 150+ registration was done by Zamstars team in 60 days. Zamstars team ensured it followed up bank and collected money for all demand notes and credit to Client Account.

The entire engagement with the client was devised and executed under a comprehensive strategy dubbed RERA – Real Engagement, Rapid Action. All the activities under the comprehensive strategy that involved Marketing, Branding and Sales led to a total revenue of USD 40 Million for the client.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Social Media Management

Visual Content Production

Print Collaterals

Paid Promotions

Event Management

Celebrity Tie-Ups

Product Development

Sales Enablement

Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered


Site Visits per month

40,000 K+

USD Revenue generated


Average monthly cash flow


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