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Global Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Zamstars increased the website conversions by 888% for a global playground equipment manufacturer within 5 months


The client is a playground equipment manufacturer by function and a multinational conglomerate that has 19 locations across 11 countries and 5 continents by size.

The playground equipment manufacturer produces state-of-the-art outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness gyms and safety flooring solutions, manufactured in 6 technologically advanced, OEM facilities, including one each in Spain and Portugal. The client conformed to the highest safety norms certified to meet stringent EN1176, EN16630 and EN1177 standards.

Problem Statement

  • Limited searches for playground equipments in the digital space and lack of precision in the SEO Keywords list targeted by the client
  • Limited website traffic despite SEO efforts undertaken in the past
  • Low engagement on website
  • High cost per conversion due to inefficient keywords targeting in Google Ads campaigns


Zamstars first understood where the searches were happening in the digital space for playground equipment. A strategy was devised that shortlisted relevant keywords with a high-search density. Once shortlisted, numerous activities were undertaken with a goal to feature the client in the top 10 search results for keywords of high search density.

A multi-platform optimisation was undertaken with contextually-relevant blogs published on relevant platforms across the webspace. Many negative keywords were removed to enable efficient optimization.

Metrics like users visiting the website, number of pages visited per user, the location from where the visits were happening among multiple other data points were monitored carefully with weekly tracking and reporting undertaken to ensure maximum output while carefully weeding out any issues that may have hampered the quality of incoming traffic.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Curation & Distribution

Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization & Google Ads

A deep dive into key performance metrics and highlights for the SEO & Google Ads activities undertaken.

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Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered


Increase in website conversions in 5 months


Decrease in cost per conversion


Relevant high search density keywords listed in top 10


Increase in returning visitors