6d Technologies

6d Technologies

Telecommunications, Bangalore

Increased website traffic by 1138% in 10 months enabling a Telecom Services & Technology company to compete globally


Established in 2002, 6d Technologies is a Technology Solutions & Services Provider for Mobile Operators and Telecom Industry.

Founded by enterprising technocrats, 6d is a proactive technology partner, working with its clients to understand their market trends and business vision, developing the solutions needed by businesses to thrive in a changing world.

Problem Statement

  • Limited website traffic despite SEO efforts undertaken in the past
  • Lack of precision in the SEO Keywords list targeted by the client
  • Low engagement on Website


6d had an outdated website in terms of design and content. Zamstars designed and developed the website.

Zamstars devised a strategy that needed the right keywords to be shortlisted first before going ahead with the engagement. A set of 150+ keywords with high density search volume were shortlisted that were relevant to the company domain. 

A multi-platform optimisation was undertaken with contextually-relevant blogs published on relevant platforms across the webspace. Many negative keywords were removed to enable efficient optimization.

Metrics like users visiting the website, number of pages visited per user, the location from where the visits were happening among multiple other data points were monitored carefully with weekly tracking and reporting undertaken to ensure maximum output while carefully weeding out any issues that may have hampered the quality of incoming traffic.

Zamstars also initiated a comprehensive social media exercise using Facebook for employee engagement and LinkedIn for business engagement to drive team engagement and conversions respectively.

Our Offerings and Services Delivered

Search Engine Optimization

Content Curation & Distribution

Website Design and Development

Social Media Marketing

Key Accomplishments & Outcomes Delivered


Increase in Website Traffic in 10 months


Keywords with high search volume ranked in top 10 SERP


Increase in New Visitors


Increase in Returning Visitors