Digital marketing, the catalyst that transformed the real estate industry

Over the last decade, we have seen digital marketing emerge as a key force in swaying audience opinion regarding a brand or an organization. Social channels not only help improve the brand image, they also help in reaching a wider target audience. Many organizations are opting for DM due to the plethora of opportunities it offers.

Real estate is one of those very few industries that saw a steadfast growth and gained significant business in the last few years. DM has allowed real estate companies to obtain a higher rate of lead generation and improve sales promotion tactics.

In today’s day and age, consumers tend to do extensive online research before investing in anything. Real estate is no exception to this! Thus maintaining a strong online presence is paramount for establishing a good fan base, generating leads and converting those leads into deals.

Compared to earlier, the process of purchasing a home is extremely simple. Homebuyers do not have to go through endless hours of paperwork or pay an exorbitant price for the most basic of amenities. Real estate builders now, maintain a solid online presence and even promote their brand through personalized apps that simplify the user experience. Potential homebuyers now have a variety of options and brands to choose from without having to visit each property in person.

The advantages that digital marketing provides the real estate industry are numerous. Builders can easily showcase their projects through images or videos and even promote their work on Facebook and Instagram to reach and engage a larger audience. They can even use chatbots to drive traffic to their website or social media page and help highlight important features and amenities. Organizations can use carousel ads or canvas ads on Facebook with optimized targeting (based on project, location, etc.) to do a targeted lead generation campaign.

What’s more? Organizations can also showcase customer testimonial videos on social channels to increase customer engagement. Through digital marketing, companies can invest in online reputation management to attract more consumers and create a brand that is synonymous with quality.

According to statistics, approximately 92% of home buyers have searched for homes on the internet and 82% of home buyers trust online agents as good information sources. It should come as no surprise that over the years, digital marketing has made real estate brokers obsolete. With technology progressing at a breakneck speed and new and innovative means of advertising marketing emerging, digital marketing has become a very powerful tool for organizations to establish their presence in the global market. The real estate sector is no exception to this phenomenon. Potential home buyers now trust the information they find online and prefer the convenience of browsing through prospective homes online rather than visiting the actual site. With this new means to reach a diverse market and generate more leads than ever before without expending the same amount of manpower, the way the real estate industry functions has slowly transformed. Not only is digital marketing cost-effective, it also helps build a brand and engage a more diverse audience group, thus helping the brand grow and establish itself in the global market.
Sivaram Kuppachi,
Quarterback / CEO, Zamstars