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As a leader in Marketing, Branding and Sales, Zamstars has been in the buzz for achieving impeccable results since its inception. The nature of our business and the market landscape we serve, generates a lot of attention for the businesses who have varied target audiences (businesses & direct end customers).

Zamstars celebrates its 8th Anniversary by penetrating the US Market

India, 19th April 2022: Zamstars, a leading branding, marketing, and sales company, has completed eight years in the industry.

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Marketing on The Dark Side – The Role of a CXO – Is It Tactical or Forward Thinking?

An experienced strategist and a successful business leader, with demonstrated skills in developing business in new markets, Sivaram has over 20 years of experience in industry, and has donned advisory roles for many CIO/CFO.COO to streamline their business.

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Digital Transformation for MSE

We recently collaborated with the entrepreneurs of LUBK, introducing them to the advantages of going Digital for their businesses. The discussion covered key points such as the importance and benefits of having a digital presence, thought leadership and content marketing.

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SocialWorks presents Marketing on the Dark Side

Looking forward to Converting marketing Jedis to the dark side this Thursday 06/09/18 at Church Street Social in association with TiE Chapter Bangalore. Looking forward to another inspiring session with Sivaram Kuppachi, Romi Chugh and Aakansha Verma.

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SocialWorks presents: Elevate Your Pitch at Church Street Social on Saturday, 18th August, 2018

Sivaram Kuppachi, TiE Charter Member and Founder, CEO of Zamstars, is a serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor to start-ups. He will be speaking on this topic and guiding attendees through a step by step process to elevate their pitch.

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Nothing is difficult or tough, I’m a firm believer of Persistence and Perseverance

Sivaram Kuppachi is an experienced strategist and a successful business leader, with demonstrated skills in developing business in new markets.

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Breaking Stereotypes: A Hiring Experience Like Never Before – ZAManzee!

One might just say that Zamstars got five hires from the exercise, but more importantly, it got 15 winners in their own right, who felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience of their lives.

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Best Investment in CSR is Time

The Zamstars’ knack of delivering result to its Brands has landed it among the news in one of India’s celebrated daily, the Indian Express! Talking about the conception and the good run the company experienced since the start, right to it hosting a CSR initiative in its early years

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Zamstars and Jungle Crows Foundation: A Pursuit for Liberation Through ‘Khelo Rugby’

Oscar Wilde once said, “Rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen played by barbarians.” While the sport is truly for barbarians played by gentlemen, there is a lot of strategy and planning that goes behind the game.

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Demystifying Digital Marketing

We are often asked sceptically, “is digital Marketing really going to add value to my business? How many ‘Leads’ can we get?”. Clients expect digital platforms to generate leads from day one. While quality leads are favourable outcome of any Digital Marketing campaign, we need to gain a deeper understanding of the true ‘Outcomes’ for Digital Marketing efforts.

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Our client Durga Projects was awarded the ‘Most Admired Upcoming Luxury Project

We are proud! Our client Durga Projects was awarded the ‘Most Admired Upcoming Luxury Project’ and the ‘Emerging Developer of the year’ for Durga Petals at the ‘Global Real Estate Brand Awards 2016’ at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

Sivaram Kuppachi, CEO-Zamstars and Romi Chugh, Partner & Chief of Staff with the awards!

Kudos to the entire team for making this happen.

Zamstars: Fueled by the Zeal to Achieve More with a Team of Stars

The Consultant Review magazine wrote about our Outcome driven model, the onus on Behaviour, MBS synergy and all things Zamstars in their January edition

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Zamstars Management Services: A Complete Blend of Marketing, Branding and Sales for Your Business Growth

Today, globalization of markets, complexity in business models, pressure on bottom-line and difficult revenue growth have driven every business, irrespective of their size, to re-think strategies. To grow and sustain profits, enhance customer delight and protect stakeholder interests, along the way is ever challenging.

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Formula for Growth is Marketing+Branding+Sales working in Unison with Power of Execution Drives Business Growth

Zamstars Management Services is one of the first niche creative services firm that also seamlessly blends the sales function into a triumvirate service offering. It serves as a Leadership Thinkpad for start-ups and growing ventures by combining strategy, consulting and execution as a holistic solution for growth.

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