Zamstars celebrates its 8th Anniversary by penetrating the US Market

Vish Sivaswamy, Sivaram Kuppachi, Shivakumar Viswanathan - Leaders at Zamstars

India, 19th April 2022: Zamstars, a leading branding, marketing, and sales company, has completed eight years in the industry. This milestone comes with another benchmark as the agency penetrates the US Market by serving brands based there and expanding its portfolio of services to front-end development. This was a natural extension of Zamstars’ brand and brand design projects, where it develops the front-end for these brand services/products. Now, 80% of revenues are expected to be generated from this market.

Founded in 2013, Zamstars has served over 250 brands across the globe in the service areas of branding, digital marketing, and sales enablement. Zamstars has delivered more than 300K Marketing Qualified Leads to its customers and has been instrumental in over US$ 40 Million in Revenue Generation. NASSCOM, Bosch, Crossover, Four Seasons Hotel, Bangalore Refinery, WNS Global, Happiest Minds, DevGraph, Trilogy, Auntie Fung’s, Indian Tennis Premier League, Bangla Tigers T10 Team, and Petron Corporation are some of the esteemed brands that Zamstars have worked with. Zamstars offers services from Brand Strategy to Brand Experience, Website UI and Development, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and SEO Services dovetailed with Market Research and Market Development services.

At Zamstars, the team works with brands and businesses on an Outcome Model, where a portion of its fees is directly linked to mutually agreed upon business outcome metrics. Zamstars has demonstrated this engagement model with B2B SaaS product clients, Technology Service companies and clients from the Education, F&B, and Hospitality industries.

Vish Sivaswamy, Co-founder of Zamstars, says “Creating a rational product and following it up with an emotional experience is a great business. Lay the foundation today for a greater tomorrow. It is the cornerstone for success.” His vision is to create an extraordinarily strong company that will ensure brands find the buyer for their services/products and help them to open new geographies.

Team Zamstars

Entering its Ninth Year, Zamstars will continue to invest in Human Capital and ensure the learning and growth of its associates are aligned to the Outcome model that Zamstars constructs with its customers.

Being a self-funded company, Zamstars encourages Employee Equity Option and most of the employees have a vested stake in the company. When the World starts looking for a consulting company where strategy meets execution, Zamstars will be the right fit.

Shiva Viswanathan, Director and Head of Creative Strategy, says “We are at the cusp of business consulting, strategy, and creativity. Our belief is that strategy should be tangible and actionable. The resultant brand assets should be emotive, informational, and instructional to drive informed conversion. Or in other words, you should hear it clinking in the bank.

Zamstars focuses on preparing and developing a long-term plan for the brands, that is set to drive them towards developing combined components of the brand’s character to make it identifiable. Zamstars plans the optimum approach to guarantee a well-defined and executed brand strategy that is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Zamstars leverages on the principle “Gaining Yardage is important for a Touchdown.” It focuses on analytics and insights to design brand communication and marketing outreach programs. Keeping the user’s intent and behavior as the North Star, Zamstars moves the audience through the journey of Awareness, Knowledge, Attitudinal Change, and Advocacy. This framework has ensured that the brands get visibility and higher sales conversions.

Sivaram Kuppachi, Founder, CEO and Quarterback of Zamstars, says “Effectiveness is not a metric anymore. It’s important to drive predictability in outreach for brands to move along the customer journey. This calls to put our three-pronged framework into action, viz. The Art of Brand in Context, The Math of Effective Marketing, and The Science of Predictable Sales.

Zamstars has leveraged the three-step approach of ‘Acquire-Engage-Retain’ to ensure that the ROI on Brand and Marketing investment can be measured. To make certain that we have a predictable model to Acquire, Engage, and Retain audience and customers, it’s important to work on frameworks and structures. Zamstars ensures that it deploys the Human Learnings (HL) and Human Intelligence (HI) – HI/HL models on Information Architecture, Communication Architecture, Messaging Architecture, Visual Design Architecture and Outreach Architecture.

Sales growth is a key factor to establish a wealth creator i.e., a great business. It is also important to consistently drive sales without losing the business ethos. These go together hand-in-hand to build a great business. Ultimately, it’s to create a great customer experience. And that fuels a good brand to be a great business.

Zamstars breaks the stereotype and makes sure that branding, marketing, and sales enablement do not work in silos but in tandem and embrace the power of execution to drive business growth.

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