Marketing is more than just Leads

Every time I walk out of a client meeting, the questions are always the same. “Do I need to spend so much for marketing?”, “How soon will I get to see some leads?”, “We want to explore marketing for leads and not brand awareness.”

Let’s get one thing straight. Marketing is not magic. There is a science to it. There is a definite process to achieve objectives and it’s not just a wave of a wand! At Zamstars, we follow a four-step process to generate leads for our clients.

  1. It’s important to ATTRACT your customers to your brand.
  2. Once you have identified your target customer group, you ENGAGE them in a conversation.
  3. INFLUENCE them to buy your product or service and don’t make the hard sale. You can only bring the horse to the well to drink water, but can’t force it to drink.
  4. Once they have bought your product or service, DELIGHT them.

While marketing is measured on the leads it generates, this activity takes time. Patience is a virtue that all customers need to practice.

Brand awareness, visibility, and reach – this is the first step all brands need to take, in their insatiable quest for leads.

A lot of brands don’t want to spend money on marketing if brand awareness, visibility, and reach, is the only outcome promised. They don’t want to pay for this ‘social ROI’ which cannot be tangibly measured.

At Zamstars, we measure both social ROI and ROMI by calculating a brand’s –

  • Articulation Score
  • Amplification Score
  • Applause Score
  • Acquisition Score

While we deliver consistent results to our customers, it is also important to show brands the indispensable value of social ROI.

Only if you think of marketing as an investment, only then will you get your ‘Return on Marketing Investment’ or ROMI.

Partner & Chief of Staff