Scaling Peaks: Right Investment to Pinnacles

Malavath Purna, a high-schooler from the Telangana Social Welfare Residential School and the youngest girl in the world to scale the Everest peak at the age of 13 years. Born on 10th June 2000, to farm labourers Lakshmi and Devidas, hailing from the Pakala village, Nizamabad district of Telangana state of India.“She was very dexterous and the ease with which she could negotiate the rocks without any support really impressed me”-recalls R.S Praveen Kumar, a police officer and the secretary of Telangana Social Welfare Residential School, who was the first to spot her talent and invest early on in her abilities. An extensive training regime that evolved into one of the marvellous triumphs in the mountaineering history on May 25th, 2014.

Zammers would like to take a moment to acknowledge this young achiever and applaud her determination and her zeal to achieve more. Purna’s journey to pinnacles is an exemplification of timely investment coupled with the vigorous build-up she endured before tasting success. An eight-month extensive training programme helped get Purna to endure – 30 degree Celsius at an oxygen deficient environment and sharpen her climbing skills. An analogy of effort that rightly fits the treatment we give to every brand at Zamstars.

Groundwork and selecting the right branding techniques forms the virtues of our Branding Solutions at Zamstars. Getting to the skin of the brand, we help them to discover the potential markets that would serve as a rightful investment, and provide solutions that would help them paddle through rough waters. While aiding brands to introspect, learn and prepare for the journey ahead.

Breaking the norm of “Earning money first, marketing and branding later” , our vision is aligned towards establishing a strong market base which eventually leads to conversions. Recognising the right channels is the first step to this, much like how Purna chose the pathways that would help her accomplish her gargantuan feat. Starting with training camps and survival exercises, the regime helped her to analyse her strength and perfect her weakness.

By giving brands the adequate space to inner-direct themselves, we trace out a strategy that is drawn out keeping in mind the long-time purview, optimal asset allocation targeted towards diversification and volatility as per the risk profile involved.

Our adroit branding and marketing skills are built on 360-degree communication, planning and execution. Knowing what works best for the brand, our team of marketing and branding crackerjack’s helps brands to open new doors of opportunities.

“Climbing the Everest was certainly more difficult than I thought- but my willpower to prove that a tribal girl can do something kept me going”-recalls Purna, elucidating how her achievement wasn’t an easy task rather a right potion of effort and timely planning. Investment in marketing and branding couldn’t be described better, being patient and jumping the diverse fences to ditch obstacles is what helps brands to win the game of steeplechase in the marketplace and at Zamstars we help your brands to prepare for their best on the game day.

Sivaram Kuppachi, Quarterback, CEO, Zamstars
Krishna Kumar, Brand Manager, Zamstars
Abishek Chandran, Creative Director , Zamstars