Zam Media Planner


“Scripting Stories of Strategy and Planning”

The ZAM Media Planner is an automated tool that allows you to choose your optimal media plan based on your budget and requirements. You can choose from three plans – Loud, a solution devised exclusively for online platforms, Louder a middle path between online and offline platforms and Loudest, a strategy that brings the best of both worlds. Our real-time platform helps you measure cost, performance and other common metrics such as CPM, CTR and CPC.



A plan devised to utilize the digital platforms to the fullest, specifically tailored to meet the Online Digital Media requirements.

Media Planner


A middle path to using both Offline and Online platforms, we provide solutions that are optimized to give you optimal results. Offline media could include Paper Inserts/Onserts, Flash hoardings, and more.

Media Planner


A plan that includes the best of both online and offline platforms, the loudest plan is an orchestra comprising all possible channels to give you the big bang for your buck. The plan includes TV, Radio, Hoardings, Online media and more.

Media Planner


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