Digital Readiness Quotient Evaluation Matrix
Foundation Assets Score: Total - 30 IdealScoreIntermediateScoreNot IdealScoreYour Score
Website/E-Commerce Platform
Do you have an e-Commerce site? Yes8--No0
Do you have a Google Analytics setup? Yes3--No0
Do you have the social media pixel codes setup on your website? Yes2--No0
Is your Platform mobile responsive? Yes3--No0
What's your Website SEO score?
Check using: https://sitechecker.pro/
Social Media
What social media platforms are you present on? Must have:FB & IG4Either of FB & IG2Neither of FB & IG0
Do you have a Facebook and Instagram Shop setup? Both5Only 12.5Neither0
What messaging service do you use for customer queries? (Like Whatsapp for Business(common for all platforms) or direct message feature of each platform) Common across
1DM feature of each platform0.5None0
Is your messaging service for customer queries integrated with Social Media and Website? Yes1--No0
Content Score: Total - 40
What is the frequency of your posts per month? 14-1848-13 or 19-222<8 or >221
What is the frequency of blogs you post per month? 2-431 to 2200
What is the frequency of stories you publish daily? 1 to 223 to 6100
What are the types of post you publish? A mix of instructional, informational, emotional and promotional| A mix of instructional and informational| Same Type A mix of instructional, informational, emotional and promotional6A mix of any 2 of the 4 Types3 Same Type1
Do you have a design language and desing style setup? Yes6--No0
Do the images used for promotion follow the 20% text-to-image rule? Yes4--No0
How many hashtags do you use per post on each platform? 3-622 or 71<1 or >70
Do you publish the same image (in terms of size) across all platforms? No, customised per platform2--Yes0
Do you publish your content at a consistent time everyday? Yes1--No0
What's the character count of your descriptions on all social media platforms? Upto 2002200-4001>4000
How many Customer Testimonial you publish in a month? More than 6 Per month53 to 63<=21
Do you use tools for managing Content Creation and Distribution? Tools for Design and Publishing3Tools for only Desing1None0
Outreach Score: Total - 30
Native Channels Outreach Measurement
How many Followers on Social Platforms combined >500042000-50002<20001
% Website Visits from Social Channel >50%420-50%2<20%1
What's the average percentage views per story you get compared to total followers? >25%320-25%2<20%1
What's the percentage average reach per post?
[(Total average reach per post/Total page followers)*100]
How many post views do you receive on Instagram through hashtags? >5%22-5%1<2%0
What's the difference between customer reviews that you get and the response rate (The users you reply back to within a day)? >90%280-90%1<80%0
When publishing videos on social media, do you share a link from YouTube or publish it natively? (Native Videos receive 3x impressions compared to Links) Native2--Link1
Marketplaces Outreach
How many marketplaces are you present on? 2-55Upto 22.5Nill0
Guerilla Strategy
Other Ways to Reach to Audiences: Social Groups, Focussed Networks / Forums, Community Gorups (Like ADDA), Particiapte in Curated Events (Soul Santhe, 100 Hands) Yes4--No0
Total 100 SUM
  • Score>85 – You are set for a Streamlined Journey
  • Score 60-85 – You need to Invest time and some paid media more personally on Social Media
  • Score <60 – You need Help! (Training, Practice, External Help)
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