Celebrating Brandship The Zammer’s Way


While ‘Anthakshari’ is a favorite pastime for the mere ones, Zammers have a different game to play. They are not to be messed with when it comes to branding, marketing and sales. This breed of individuals breathe, eat, think and sleep brands. They have their own game and they call it Brand Jugalabandi – nothing like the clichéd anthakshari but something more intense and interesting. It’s a game where brands are discussed, analyzed and served to a knowledge-hungry audience.

A special occasion like the ZamJam is all about fun, frolic, personal know-hows, and a toast of celebration but with a subtle twist. Even on this special day, Zammers indulged in learning and knowing national and international brands to take it to their drawing boards and translate it to the brands they manage at Zamstars.

The full day event had the most important announcements happening towards the evening—the time when stars shine bright and white. Influential personalities and brand savvy intellects enlightened Zammers on the importance of ‘Marketing on the Dark Side’ for their brands. As it is with stars to attract particles, Zam’stars’ reverberated the hunger and magnetized the information overflow.

ZamJam 3.0—the third annual celebrations to reward and recognize Zammers for their work, behavior and accomplishments was a great success and the Zammers’ ‘Zeal to Achieve More’ was commended by the guests who graced the evening with their presence.

When asked about the plans for ZamJam 4.0, Kalai Selva, Design Head of Zamstars had just one thing to say… “This is just a trailer. Picture abhi bakhi hain mere dost”