Past, Present and Future


“Infinite Possibilities. Multiple Outcomes. One Business Idea. One Journey”

The story of Zamstars isn’t just another flight log, but a plan that’s perfected to travel light years, bending the constrictions of time and conquering stars.



The Three Musketeers with their experience working across various domains were united by the thought of how Marketing, Branding and Sales work in silos, this led to birth of the formula {m+b+s} e=g. It took eight bus rides between Bangalore and Hyderabad for Sivaram, the CEO of Zamstars to bring Vish, the Co-Founder and Coach, on board. Romi the Partner and Chief of Staff, joined them later.

Zamstars Past



Zamstars was started in November 2013 to address the gap between three critical functions in organizations, Marketing, Branding, and Sales. When we started, we were extremely clear on one thing; We had to give a reason for our customers to choose us over other companies in the similar space. We didn’t want Zamstars to be just another run-of-the-mill company. At Zamstars, we believe that action is louder than words and outcomes are bigger than activities. We focus on being productive instead of busy.

AspirationalVision, ThoughtfulStrategy, and PassionateExecution, with the Zeal to Achieve More, has transformed Zamstars from a two member team to a large family of about 50 over the past forty months. When we first started, people asked us why are we doing this? How are we ‘different’ from other agencies? Three years later, they ask us how are we doing it?

Zamstars Present



With over 4.5 years of industry experience, the journey ahead is filled with aspirations of achieving client outcomes with the power of execution and develop in-house tools that are built to enhance the experience of the customer. Driven by the idea of bringing global brands to the Indian Market and help Indian brands to flourish locally, with strong and smart solutions built to achieve business goals.

Zamstars Future