Zamstars Digital Clinic – Collaborating with Businesses on Digital Journey

What we were used to has changed, how we closed orders has changed, where we used to channel all resources under a common roof has changed. In a world reeling from changes, where do you stand? 

You have braved the storm clouds of the pandemic and the tides of uncertainty that the lockdown brought forth, so how do you steer now? As the new normal rises through the sky, all conventional methods of navigation have been rendered obsolete. The silver lining is visible now. The uncertainty that the pandemic brought forth is starting to fade away now, as the storm clouds clear, and the sea of uncertainty subsides, businesses are left floating looking for the most effective way to navigate the new waters.

This is where Zamstars is stepping in, with a combination of effective anchor drops and the right steering, we are setting up businesses to reach the destination they set out for when they began their journey through the sea of uncertainty. Zamstars is pulling out all stops to ensure businesses are steered in the right direction, with the right resources, through the right platforms in the most cost-effective fashion.

If your coffers have declined and you’re wondering whether you should hire an agency, let Zamstars give you the first advice: Don’t. Not right now. You will need to, down the line, but right now, along with the great team you have built, you need simple, relevant and effective sessions led by some of the industry leaders in the world of marketing who will steer you in the right direction. Zamstars is offering hour-long consultations, however many you want, to ensure your business ships rise with the tides and steer towards the end goal.

Why should you consider these hour-long consultations?

With the magnitude of changes the world of digital marketing witnesses each quarter, the question you are left asking is how are you supposed to keep up?

If you wonder about any of the following queries:

  1. Why are my current marketing activities so ineffective?
  2. Where do I find the right target customers?
  3. What are the platforms or channels I should focus on for digital marketing initiatives?

Zamstars is there to assist you. Here’s a list of services that Zamstars will provide through these consultations:

  1. Analysis of your current digital marketing activities – Keyword analysis, Ad analysis, page analysis (Session 1)
  2. Actionable insights on the nuances of each platform that you can immediately apply to see positive results (Session 1)
  3. Audience Definition – Which audience you should target
  4. Platform Definition – which platform suits you the best
  5. Social Media Evaluation and Upgrades
  6. SEO/SEM Evaluation and Upgrades
  7. Content strategy formulation and planning

Session 1 is solely dedicated to evaluating what is currently happening on your marketing platforms. The rest of the recommendations are covered over multiple hour-long consulting sessions as per your needs. In addition to the same, after each session, you will have a one to two weeks period to implement our recommendations and see the positive results for yourself. If you see positive results, continue with the consultations or discontinue as you wish.

Zamstars is set on a mission to provide marketing support in the most frugal and effective way. Don’t miss out. Try it, test it and if it works, continue the engagement.

The cost for the first consulting session is INR 10,000, and you can apply for the digital clinic by clicking here. See you soon!

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