About Us



Globalization of markets, complexity in business models, pressure on bottom-line and difficult revenue growth have driven every business, irrespective of their size, to re-think strategies. To grow and sustain profits, enhance customer delight and protect stakeholder interests along the way is ever challenging. As Zamstars, we feel that the most important function within an enterprise is the Marketing, Branding and Sales functions. This combination helps to set expectations, understand needs and articulate the purpose to all other stakeholders.

While marketing encompasses customer segmentation, branding, positioning, communication and competitor analysis, sales ensures customer acquisition, revenue growth, pricing and profitability. We don’t think any one of them can survive without the other. Our experience and study of every successful enterprise shows one particular trait – efficient sales and marketing functions managed by competent people.

Zamstars customer engagement model is robust and outcome-oriented. We are able to accomplish this through a research-driven, go-to-market strategy, coupled with a disciplined customer acquisition process and passionate delivery. Agnostic of industry or customer type or markets, Zamstars approach is disciplined, simple and straightforward.

We deliver.

Who we are

Zamstars is ‘YOU’.

Through clear understanding of ‘YOU’, your business objectives and your products, Zamstars delivers simple and effective solutions that drive your business growth.

Our methods provide a holistic view by collaborating and synergizing our marketing, branding and sales-operations. Our metrics-driven solutions excite our clients to work with us.

What we do 

We take accountability for our results by holding our feet to the fire for the promises we make. We think like customers do. “What Consumers Want?” is what inspires us to create services and solutions. The solutions we offer are innovative, pragmatic and supported by the right metrics.

Zamstars adopts a ‘Sell to India’ and ‘Sell from India’ approach to building our business partnerships.


We are further empowered by our diverse work force and we are industry agnostic. Our approach to a business scenario is consistent while our execution is fluid and fitting to the business context.

How we do

Our behavior (DNA) forms the cornerstone of ‘How We Do’.

Before any execution, plan or implementation can take place, we conduct relevant research. This is to help us understand the market , potential customers, the competition and the product’s USP. Research is the first step towards approaching our clients’ business objectives.


We leverage our expertise to execute our promises via a results based model. This helps sustain and build on our client’s faith in us. We influence our approach to suit our research findings and gain gain our client’s appreciation and support.

Our Value Proposition