Start with the reason to exist


Like all wise people, know your playing field before you play the game.

A brand never exists in vacuum. It lives and thrives in a connected world of a specific culture. There are attitudes and trends that are prevalent in the society today about your product or service. Do you know the width and depth of that?

It appeals a definite set of people with an intent and behaviour. As a business promoter you need to understand the category of products or services. How well do you know your competition? In this environment how can you create a business or a company that is trust-able and is beneficial for the people and partners.

Given this context it is important for the stakeholders to understand the playing field to get the strategy right.

At Zamstars we have a robust process for initial research for a brand through Observation, Participation and Immersion. We conduct surveys, workshops, interviews, focus groups and desk research.

The Zamstars research team then analyzes the finding to derive insights to create a solid brand strategy.

Your business ambition can be summarized by defining the value proposition. It is the perfect balance between user goals and business needs.

We derive insights and positioning inputs based around the 4Cs that provide the broader context to your business ambitions:

what are the prevailing Societal trends?
what are their key needs and perceptions?
what is happening in the category?
what are your fundamental truths?

While most of the preliminary information can be acquired through reports and publications or desk research, knowing your customer demands deep empathy. This is achieved through observation, immersion and participation in conversations, activities and day projects with your target audience.

The Company:
Get deep knowledge about your own business, products, services, customers, employees, processes and tools.


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