Predictability is paramount than the probability

Zam S Cube

“Over 90 Percentage of Businesses with more than 11 Employees use CRM, Are You On It?”

Our in-house CRM tool is an optimal business management solution. The web-based tool helps simplify day-to-day sales functions. We provide you with numbers that give you a clear predictability on the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. It helps you understand the characteristics of both Consumer Behaviour Quotients (CBQ) and Enterprise Business Quotients (EBQ).

The Need for CRM

The tool is enabled to keep you updated on the progress of the activities and tasks. A single platform that allows your day to day entry management to be easier, by adding them as tasks to create Successful Business Opportunities. We help you maintain a database of your clients, with detailed fields like Name, Address, Contact Information and more.

The Zeal-Full Solution

S3 is Zamstars’ very own answer to manage business processes that involves managing Customer Data, Customer Interactions and Relationships. Built as a CRM tool, S3 enables users internal to organizations manage their daily tasks concerning sales and its execution.

Built to Close

The S3 platform (dashboard) consists of four key features comprising of Contacts, Companies, Leads, and Opportunities. It enables the users to create a repository of all the details such as quantifying the list of companies, monitor potential contacts related to the company, convert Potential Leads into Opportunities.


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