Observations yielding optimum opportunities


Our in-house analytics tool is perfect to measure, analyse and observe the performance of campaigns across various platforms. The Zamalytics dashboard will give you a birds eye view of your website traffic, Facebook insights, Twitter and LinkedIn analytics, providing a crystal-clear analysis your online campaigns.

Enabling the Power of Understanding

Zamalytics enables clients to get a complete Audit on the performance of the social media channels they are on, forming a best understanding of channel utilisation. The umbrella of Zamalytics enables insights into various platforms with a Single User Id.

Integrate: Multiple Platforms. One Dashboard

Our fully functional in-house analytical platform enables you to integrate different social media platforms in One Dashboard. Zamalytics increases Efficiency and Time utilisation eliminating the need to log in to different platforms.

Analyse: Observation to Execution

Zamalytics is tailored to provide optimal analysis of your online presence to get a clear understanding of the Performance Metrics of the campaigns. A detailed section on your brand’s performance compared to that of your competition gives you the necessary insights on the next course of action.

Visualize: Execution to Evaluation

Zamalytics is an amalgamation of integration and performance powered by visualization. By providing an understanding of your online presence, Zamalytics helps you Visualize and Strategize opportunities for optimal campaign performance.


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