‘Behavior’ Driven Growth

‘Behaviour’, the cornerstone for growth, is the capsule that we, Zamstars, want to offer to business and enterprises. We have seen, from start-up companies to large established organisations, different functions that manage direct outcomes of growth, be it branding, marketing or sales are managed in silos and seldom are measured with Outcome as a Metric. We offer a Holistic view of MBS offering that can be measured on Outcome Metrics. Our Behaviour makes us to create for you an “Aspirational Vision” crafted by a “Thoughtful Strategy” delivered through “Passionate Execution”.

In the new Digital World, we have seen many institutions want to be on Social platform but unable to measure the growth outcome form these new age channels of branding and marketing. What does a “Like” mean to business growth? What is the best way to measure “Engagement” on Social Platform? How is Twitter going to help my business growth. We help you manage your Media ( be it Digital or Non-Digital). We help maximise your returns with optimised media planning.

Will be penning my thoughts on Behaviour, Outcome Model, 360Deg MBS model and “Sell to India and Sell from India” in the following posts…

Sivaram Kuppachi
CEO / Quarterback