Welcoming the future while reflecting on the achievements of the past!

As we entered our 10th year, we took a weekend off to unwind and celebrate. We called it ZamJam 9.0, a celebration of Zamstars’ 9th anniversary. The event was joined by the past and present associates of the company that have helped shape Zamstars. It was an escape from the monotonous work crunch in the city. We had an opportunity to relax and recharge in a scenic resort against the backdrop of lush greenery.

ZamJam 9.0 also saw the official launch of ZPOD, a collaborative hub fostering an environment of growth in the start-up community. The founders and partners of the 6 selected start-ups that are part of Cohort-1 were also present, along with the governing council members. The Governing Council, consisting of Subhash Gaitonde, Cheenu Srinivasan, Vijetha Shastry, Ravindra Krishnappa, and Sivaram Kuppachi, provided their wonderful insights to start-ups on how to scale their business. We also had a presentation where we recounted the story of Zamstars’ journey. We looked back at our past, when our actions were tactical, and examined our present, where we are purposeful. With this context in mind, we then turned our attention to the future, where we want to be impactful. This can be achieved by leveraging, being empathetic, and providing an immersive brand experience using the latest technology.

Continuing with our event, we organized activities for our employees who participated in team-building games and motivational activities. The games were carefully curated to make employees understand the importance of internal communication at the workplace.
ZamJam 9.0 was also an occasion to felicitate the stars of the company. The stars were nominated by their co-workers for their admirable work. As a token of appreciation, they were rewarded with medals and trophies.

Later in the day, what followed was a fun live music session by the poolside with participation from the employees, start-ups, and council members. There was a lot of catching up on new strategies and goals. Seeing all our participants have a great time while staying motivated for the upcoming year was amazing.

Channeling inner energy and waiting to relaunch. Let’s go, ZAMSTARS!

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