ISRO is Writing History and Breaking Stereotypes on Feb 15, 2017

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is all set to rewrite history by becoming the first space agency in the world to launch a full load of 104 satellites in space in one go. With that, ISRO’s very own PSLV-C37 will become the first rocket to carry such a “weighty-feat” come February 15th, 2017. This comes in the backdrop that no other country in the past has even attempted to hit such a number in a single flight. The previous record was held by Russia’s Dnepr Rocket that carried 37 satellites into space. Over the past years, ISRO has continually displayed the tenacity to break stereotypes and differentiate from the norm. This time, with this massive announcement, ISRO has already garnered much appreciation and attention throughout the world, as it readies itself for this world record attempt.
88 of the 104 satellites are cube satellites built by the US Earth imaging company, Planet. PSLV-C37 will also carry India’s remote sensing satellite Cartosat-2 and two small spacecraft bringing the payload to a whopping 1500 kg. ISRO claimed it would recover half the budget spent on the mission from foreign countries whose satellites ISRO would launch.
Zamstars strongly believes in breaking stereotypes. We salute the ambitious attempt by team ISRO. Ten years ago, this feat would have been termed ‘Impossible’ but ISRO’s ‘Zeal to Achieve More’ led them on a path of success and they have broken all stereotypes to arguably emerge as the leading space agency in terms of innovation.
We have learnt that no matter how tough the going gets, an amalgamation of aspirational vision, thoughtful strategy and passionate execution creates a Zeal to Achieve More, thereby breaking stereotypes and making what seems impossible, a way of life. Our aim is to deliver perfection to our clients and an ambitious attempt on a global scale resonates very powerfully with us creating a sense of pride and responsibility for our brands.
ISRO is one of the leading space agency in the world, famous across the globe for its pocket-friendly missions and the efficiency of delivering outcomes. Similarly, Zamstars is on its way to become the leading MBS agency with our outcome-driven approach towards client requirements.